Printable Family Devotional Bible verse cards for preschool-aged children! Bible verse on one side and correlated discussion questions on the back.

Perfect for young children to learn the basic truths of God’s Word.

Fun designs and kid-friendly Bible translations make this a fun, simple way to incorporate Bible-based discussions in your home!

Print on card stock, cut out and put on your dining table for daily Bible conversations! Laminate for heavy duty use.

Each card is 4.25” x 3.6”

Questions help parents to begin the discussion, dig deeper into the verse, and then turn to practical application for your child.

How to use these cards:

After you print and cut out the cards, I recommend placing the cards on your family’s dining table where you typically eat your meals. This will facilitate in having God-centered conversation around your mealtimes!

The cards have Bible verses on one side and discussion questions on the other side. Most of the discussion questions have a question for you as the parent to answer first to get the discussion going, and to point out deeper truths in the verse. The second question is typically directed toward your child. At first, they may be uncomfortable answering questions. I recommend giving them a moment to think about the question. You can always help them by giving them options for how to answer.

Here’s an example of how the discussion can go:

Read the Bible verse: “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.” Colossians 3:20

Parents share: Who do you have to obey? Why do you choose to obey this person?

Parent: “Just like you obey daddy and mommy, I obey God. God knows everything, even things that mommy and daddy don’t know, so when God tells me to do something through the Bible, I choose to obey because He created everything and knows everything. What about you? Who do you have to obey?”

Child: “I don’t know.”

Parent: “Let’s think about it! I’m going to read the Bible verse again. [Read the verse.] Who does God want us to obey?”

Child: “My parents!”

Parent: “That’s right! And does God want us to obey just in some things or in everything?”

Child: “In everything.”

Parent: “Yeah! So when mommy asks you to pick up your toys today, what are you going to do?”

Child: “Obey!”

Hopefully! ;)